Four Poster Car Port. Fall 2019

This was a fun little in town project in the fall of 2019.

A single car car port for the Lakeside neighborhood in Duluth.

The timber frame is built from white pine timber, sourced at Hedstroms Lumber Co. in Grand Marais, Minnesota

The roof pitch matches that of the house.

Posts are a full 6×6 timber. Rough sawn and brushed. Plates are a stout 6×10. Nice little tapered ridge posts.

Metal roof is the ‘premium’ issue of Menards steel roofing. Nicely trimmed out at the rakes.

3-4-5 braces with an elegant curve.

All timber to timber joints are pegged with 3/4″Ø red oak dowels from Northcott wood turning in New Hampshire.


Plan view

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