Chapla Barn Newbury, Vermont

Like many barns that no longer serve an agricultural purpose this one has suffered from neglect. Until it got new owners. It is a four bay three aisle barn built into a slope making it a bank barn. Bank barns often suffer from foundation issues due to the pressure that the hillside exerts on the uphill wall.  Springs on the uphill side of the barn in addition to the rain runoff from the eaves contribute to the challenges to the foundation.

There were a considerable amount of little leaks in the roof and unmistakable evidence of older, more severe problems on the north side.


 It is hard to imagine how these interior posts were contributing at all to keeping the barn standing. A testament to the strength and flexibility that a timber frame can exhibit.


These posts were straightened out and got a new foundation.


 With added bracing to reflect new load paths.



A temporary interior support structure carried floor and roof during repairs to the north wall.

imgp2181 imgp2185imgp8058


With the structure safely supported, the necessary timber repairs and replacements could be done.


Where the spreading loads are strongest we installed an inconspicuous tension cable.


imgp1964 imgp8063


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