GFD Woodworking is a timber framing and restoration company that helps dedicated individuals preserve & enhance their homes.

With a professional background steeped in tradition Gerald has developed a keen sense and eye for the character of a building and its place. Having lived in many countries and worked in many cultures Gerald has both the experience and sensitivity that can reinvigorate any building and bring it back to past glory and make it work for modern needs.

Preserving & adapting the built environment and making it viable in a changing world spells conservation on many levels: historically, environmentally and socially. By keeping and adapting our buildings we honor the generations that have made an effort before us and set an example for those to come.

Gerald believes that an inseparable part of working in the trades is the responsibility to educate the next generation. GFD Wood Working is committed to passing on knowledge both ‘on the job’ and in formalized courses.


A 6-story Fachwerk timber frame in Marburg Germany