Saw Horses For North House Folk School


Early this year I taught my first little course at North House. It was the instructors weekend, where some cross referencing of skills was encouraged by short little courses. In many conversations and a couple of group sessions, the wisdom gathered by many veteran instructors was pooled and exchanged and cast broadly in the spirit of improving our teaching.


I had one student!


And much transitory opportunist help.



And this help was necessary, since the idea was to have a small corral of new sawhorses for the school. Which was communally accomplished!


This is a design I built in my first weeks as an apprentice in Germany.

Even though it looks quite complex, the layout is pretty basic.


These compound cuts were all derived from a full scale drawing, created on a third of a sheet of plywood.

Sawhorse layout

Since there were many pieces to make, I learned a lot about speeding up the process, and having but one student made for great interplay in tweaking the teaching approach.

It is also the reason there are so few pictures… But go on up to North House and find them for yourself, happily strewn around campus steadily doing duty.

3 responses to “Saw Horses For North House Folk School”

  1. Brian McCoy says:

    I would like to build these sawhorses. Are plans available?

    • Gerald says:

      Hi Brian

      The plan is actually quite simple, though there is a little bit of method to connecting the lines. So I’m not sure that I can easily supply you with a set of plans that you can go right to work with. Let’s get in touch and see if we can work something out.

  2. Glenn Creed says:

    Such an amazing post. I am totally inspired by your work and got some great ideas. Thanks and keep sharing 🙂

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