Restoration brings out the best in us and our buildings. It shows that people care. Care to preserve the heritage given to us by previous generations. Care to preserve resources by reusing and adapting to modern needs. It also brings out the best in those involved in executing the work. The restoration world lays bare what has worked and what needs to be improved, which mistakes should not be repeated. It is also a world full of challenges dirt and tight spaces being just the most obvious of them.


Gerald has an affinity for working in the confines of an existing structure. He excels at finding solutions that accommodate modern use while respecting the building and yielding designs that blend in. Wherever possible he strives to preserve the old and replace and add with in-kind materials.


Gerald has been preserving and restoring sheds, barns, residences, and cathedrals  for over 14 years. Not necessarily in that order. We will come up with solutions and a plan for your project and work with your budget.

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