Log Cabin Loft

April 2019

This 1920’s cabin in lake country is pretty sweet. Very much in its original state. A full scribe log cabin with two tiny bedrooms and an open living space.

It is the space above these bedrooms that has potential. It will provide a great little spot to read a book or play games, and it will also give the bedrooms a bit more privacy by adding a ceiling they never had.

The goal was to insert a floor system that would not seem too out of place. Choosing to timber frame was decided to be in keeping with the realm of traditional building craft, a cousin to log building.

Using a combination of lasers, chalk line and level I created a minimum flat for the plate to register against.
The assembled and installed gable plate. Spot the scaft joint!

By screwing the gable side plate to the log wall (after creating a flat) we could eliminate posts on that side.

The interior wall being way to lightly built to support a loft, I inserted posts and some bracing, supporting a plate that carries the joists.

To keep the profile as low as possible and give the loft all the headroom it could get, the beams were carefully notched into the dividing wall and through the existing shelf.

Fitting a stair/ladder into the space was a challenge and required the most discussion.

Lastly the gable window was swapped for a taller one, for more light and easier operation.

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