Trailer woodshed


A crazy idea: design a woodshed that fits onto a trailer, so that it can be raised during a parade! Not my idea, but hey! I’ll take that challenge. John Nininger of The Wooden House Company donated the spark, the timbers and sponsored most of my time.


Fun and memorable things come form crazy ideas. And small town America ┬áis where these things can happen. This frame started out as a charitable project by ‘The Back Room’ for an octogenarian dear to the community of West Newbury, VT.

The upcoming annual ‘exuberant celebration’ led John to the idea of raising the frame during the 2x quarter mile long parade through downtown West Newbury.

Bents were preassembled. Half dovetailed braces quickly locked things into place. Half laps for pates and purlins need little more than a 2#hammer for assembly.


Nothing to it!

Ready for delivery.


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