A timber framed kiosk for UMD

UMD will have a campground right near the Bagley Nature Area. Tim Bates of the Recreational Sports Outdoor Program at UMD approached me to build a kiosk to serve as a welcome and information spot.

Of course, being a timber framer I could not resist using joinery.


So there you have it. A stout little frame of pressure treated 6by6 with four mortise and tenon joints, properly draw bored.


IMGP1659 IMGP1660

Ready to be set into four feet of concrete.


Mind you the sono tubes installed by university maintenance went quite a bit deeper and required some filling and compacting. Nonetheless big thanks to the grounds crew for doing the digging.

IMGP1664 IMGP1668

Propped up, plumbed and braced.


Ready for concrete. Thanks for your help Tim.


On to the roof.

IMGP1676 IMGP1678

Joinery for ridge and plates.

IMGP1679 IMGP1680

No time to pause for a shot of just the rafters…straight on to the plywood and shingles. There’s rain in the forecast…


A proper common rafter roof.


Chamfers to take away some of the beefiness of 6 by 6’s


A metal ridge cap to top things off.

 IMGP1921 IMGP1923

Welcome campers!


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