Tiny Lake Cabin

May through July 2020

For over 20 years the owners had enjoyed this lovely bit of woods by the lake with a humble tent platform and picnic table.

A class of 10 stuents at North House Folk School created this little 12’x12′ hand hewn timber frame out of 22 white pine logs in May of 2019 and raised it on campus.

The walls are a simple butt-and-pass of kiln dried white pine timbers, splined and fastented into the timber posts.

Some hand planing was required on the pit-sawed rafters.

Heavy duty steel of A606 weathering steel. This steel will form a protective layer of rust over time. The siding on the other hand is galvanized steel and won’t rust up.

Plenty of nice detail work to do on the metal siding and trim. At this stage we dubbed the cabin ‘our little space module’ for its shiny look. This material from Bridger Steel in Montana was very nice to work with.

The weathered frame contrasts beautifully with the planed timber of the walls and the rough sawn boards of the roof.

2 responses to “Tiny Lake Cabin”

  1. Maureen Groebner says:

    Beautiful home! What are the dimensions of the benches?
    My brother is building a home like this and I would like to make him a quilt. Thanks. Your work is awesome!

    • Gerald says:

      Hello Maureen

      Thank you!
      I did not build the benches. It looks to me that the interior benches are a little over 2 feet wide and go the length of the cabin wich is only 12′. The exterior benches look like they are of heavy timber: 6″x15″+ and maybe 6 feet long.

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