Teardrop-Trailer-And-Vehicle Car Port

Hand carved year in the tie beam

At 42 feet long it provides space for parking the trailer and the car and a bit of space in between to load up the car before heading out.

42 foot by 12 foot 6″ car port. Al traditional joinery.

It is cut from my favorite white pine, left rough sawn, no chamfers. The owners wanted the stocky solid look that one gets with full 8×8 posts.

The bracing is my preferred 3-4-5 pattern that is a bit steeper than the more common 45˚ bracing. Additionally a slight curve cut into the face adds elegance.

Due to its length there are two scarf joints in each plate and the ridge. This also allows for a crew of two and a small hand crank to raise this structure.

A materials lift makes for a quiet raising with a lot less grunting.

In the shop: Lots of tools, lots of cutoffs, lots of beautiful all traditional joinery and only the best materials for the finish.

Custom made post bottom brackets from Cutting Edge Metals helped make raising much smoother.

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