German style timber frame at North House Folk School

In July 2015 I taught my first timber framing course at North House Folk School.


What I bring to an already rich timber framing curriculum at this amazing school on the shore of lake superior is a style of the craft that is inspired by my German roots: Fachwerk.


Fachwerk means constructing walls that create compartments to be infilled. This means much closer studding than in for example an American timber framed barn. This also means much more joinery to lay out and cut, which gives students plenty of repetition to practice on.

IMGP1570    IMGP1579 IMGP1580 IMGP1582 IMGP1578

IMGP1583 IMGP1632 IMGP1633 IMGP1635 IMGP1485 IMGP1486 IMGP1487 IMGP1488  IMGP1498

IMGP1493IMGP1500 IMGP1501 IMGP1504 IMGP1509IMGP1506 IMGP1507  IMGP1510 IMGP1513 IMGP1516 IMGP1518 IMGP1520 IMGP1524 IMGP1532


IMGP1542 IMGP1545 IMGP1546 IMGP1547 IMGP1552 IMGP1553 IMGP1555 IMGP1557 IMGP1559 IMGP1561 IMGP1564 IMGP1565 IMGP1569

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