A cherry cruck frame part 5: Round rafters

What are round rafters?


 The kind we’re after create a barrel roof. And that kind does not grow in the woods.


So you take what grows in the woods and cut it into boards.IMGP3360

And give them as much time to dry as you can give them.


Next you need a surface on which to set up your jig. How about the deck of the structure you’re building?


The array of brackets is bolted down on the radius of the roof.



Stack up enough boards,


line up enough help and Gorilla glue,


and work fast for an hour, and give it a night to set up.


Repeat as needed.


These also prefer to be moved with heavy equipment.


First to the bandsaw for a skim cut.


Then to the planer for a skim planing.


Woodchips everywhere! Glorious.


Then you fill up the shop.

img_2839 img_2834


Make repairs, where there are holes


And never forget to have some fun!


For finishing they go back outside. Probably to make room for the cruck blades.


Some get mortises or slots for glass.


Rafters sitting on the frame at end of raising day 1.

2 responses to “A cherry cruck frame part 5: Round rafters”

  1. Rod Hopp says:

    That is so amazing awesome. Who in the world designed that thing? A true artist and craftsman.

    • Gerald says:

      Thank you Rod.
      The design concept is by the owner Vicco, who is a fine furniture maker in Maryland. It was conceived as some kind of timber frame, and likely as including live edge timbers. The dimensions were chosen to fit the overall layout of the residence.
      Vicco collected many timbers over almost ten years with the eventual construction of this frame in mind. In 2016 he hired me to execute the layout and cutting. We jointly chose and prepared the timbers. I designed the joinery and laid it all out and cut it.
      A joint venture so to speak with plenty of vision, plenty of talent and many years and schools of experience.

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