The mini home office

 We live in a tiny apartment.


I am standing on the bed -which fills the bedroom- and you can see the kitchen through the door. (No, I did not clean up for this photo shoot).



Wedged between the door and the retrofitted shower on the right there are about 8 square feet of  ‘office space’.



When organized smartly, there is just enough space to write letters, pay bills, print, write blog posts and file papers.

The table and top are made of hemfir. The top is charred in a version of Shou Sugi Ban- not so much to preserve the wood, but more to tease out a dramatic grain pattern. Yes. This was a sample for the tables for Northern Waters.

The vertical stack (or office tower or filing furniture of genius) is made of white pine. The sides gently charred to match the desk and the shelves and dividers left natural for contrast. All have a satin poly urethane finish.


Now there is space in the living room shelves to file the cat.

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