A bed frame fit for a queen


I just completed a wonderful little project:

Friends of mine had purchased an antique bed frame on Craigslist, found it to be not quite queen sized but bought it nonetheless for its beauty.


My guess as to the species would be butternut, with either Walnut or tropical hardwood accents.

Headboard and footboard were three inches narrower than the boxspring.IMGP2667

And though already added to by the previous owners, the sides were still too short.IMGP2671IMGP2675

A trip to Lester River Sawmill had me return with some of the nicest boards Mike had in stock. These were stunning yellow birch with figuring for the prominent stringers and some plain old beautiful birch for the posts.


When oiled, the reddish tones that yellow birch can have are close in color to the existing frame. The light color of paper birch provides a contrast.

IMGP2691 IMGP2688

A solution to making the bed wider and longer quickly took shape in the mind, helped by paper and pencil. Akin to restoration projects on larger scale, one does not have to look far for shapes that will work well. Four new posts are of the same shape & size as the footboard posts.


Posts and stringers are joined with tight fitting notches.


Chisel work to complement the table saws efforts.


The solution for incorporating the old stringers is to add four inches at the head and the foot.


The result: framing the old in the new.


Matching the profile to help blend old and new is hand work.


Trim the top


Cut away the bulk


Chisel the slope


Gouge the ogee.


Chisel the round.


Sand & Step back.

  IMGP2719 IMGP2721

Chamfers on the posts match the old and further help blend old and new.

IMGP2732 IMGP2734

Test fit for pre drilling.



A few coats of oil tease out the beauty revealed by the sawyer.

IMGP2778 (1)

The scavenged box spring support continues to do it’s job. After a few modifications.

IMGP2789 IMGP2790

These screws can hold together barns and beds.


Fit for a queen.

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